Claire Prashad-Co-owner


Claire is a registered nurse with a passion for women’s health and wellness. Claire has lived an active lifestyle, being a past member of many gyms, clubs and fitness studio's, however she always felt out of place. Claire and her husband Marvin, dreamed about creating a space for women to work on their fitness and more in a community environment that had a more personal feeling. After teaming up with Kelly, the dream started to become a reality and Balance was born! 

Claire will bring a unique twist to the company by adding wellness workshops and nutrition assistance. 

“We want to be more then a fitness studio, we want to be a community of women supporting each other on the journey to a healthier self.”

Marvin Prashad-Co-owner/Trainer


Marvin has been a personal trainer for over 17 years. A 5th degree black belt in Shotokan Karate and owner of Dragonz Martial Arts Centre. Over the years Marvin noticed that many parents struggled to find time for their own fitness while having their children involved in so many activities. 

He had a vision to create a "one stop shop", where a mother could drop her kids off for a karate lesson and get her workout in at the same time. Balance is located right  above Dragonz Martial Artz Centre and so 1998 Danforth is now that place. 

"I am so excited to be helping more people reach their fitness goals, it really is about finding the right balance"

Kelly Masterson- Founding Partner/Principle Instuctor


Kelly is a founding partner, former international teacher and experienced fitness instructor. Her life experiences have ignited in her a deep passion for fitness. Her desire to share this with other women, to empower them, both emotionally and physically is evident at each and every one of her classes. As the principle instructor, Kelly’s classes are designed with every woman's personality and body type in mind. Her unmistakable positive energy that she brings to each class keeps her clients coming back. Her unique style of making her classes approachable yet still challenging allows her clients to get results in a fun, safe, pressure free and all inclusive environment. At Balance, Kelly helps women achieve their goals both inside and out. She demonstrates the truly life changing impacts that fitness can have on the mind, body and soul, and strives to show women how to have true balance in their lives.