Balance Instructors

Sue Sinclair


Sue has a passion for helping others and has always been involved in working with people in some form of healing or body work. Sue is a retired paediatric nurse from the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children where she worked with countless patients and families offering holistic family centered care. Sue now enjoys working with people privately and in classes to meet their personal health and fitness goals. Participants in Sue’s class can expect a well rounded workout with focus on developing a sound mind-body connection, improving core strength and increasing range of motion and mobility of the spine and all joints. Whether you are injury free and looking to increase your fitness level, or have a chronic injury &/or mental health issue and need support and encouragement, Sue is there to assist you personally. Sue is “energetic and compassionate” and has a “talent for motivating participants with enthusiasm, support & encouragement.” Her approach to teaching is hands-on and modifications for each exercise are clearly communicated so that her classes are manageable for beginners and challenging for those who need a little push. Sue herself has been a fitness enthusiast for over 25 years.

"I can’t wait to work with you, helping towards meeting your individual goals and finding balance in your life!"

Jacqui Campin


Having been a gymnast in her youth Jacqui felt that Pilates was the perfect exercise for her to begin after the birth of her children. Becoming a long time and passionate student of Pilates led Jacqui to get her certification from Nicole Piller Pilates & Yoga Studio. Jacqui’s background as a teacher for the TDSB for 27 years provided a natural segue into teaching Pilates. She is skilled at clear, concise verbal cuing, hands on corrections and adapting exercises based on the needs of the clients. Her rich and velvety voice along with her passion for both teaching and learning shine through in all her classes.

Jessica Somerville


Jessica’s healthy and active lifestyle began as a child. She trained as a gymnast in her early years and competed as a baton twirler throughout Canada and the USA for over 15 years. Jessica has over 14 years of experience working as a fitness instructor and 5 years as a personal trainer. She is a pre/postnatal fitness specialist, and she certainly knows how to make you sweat! Jessica has two children of her own and she knows how hard it can be to find time for YOU! Working out is all about having fun, finding what works for you and what makes you WANT to go to a class! That’s exactly how her program is structured… blasting the music, having fun, teaching exercises which can be amped up for the advanced or modified for the beginner, so that women of all levels can benefit. “Take everything one day at a time because that is how change and growth happen!”

Natalia Riajskikh


Natalia first tried yoga in her early 20’s in an attempt to find relief from anxiety and depression. Within the first few classes, she experienced tremendous positive change in her mental health and within a year, she completed her first certification in Hatha Yoga, which set her off on a path of healing and empowered transformation. Since then, she has trained in an array of healing modalities and found her calling in empowering women through movement, breathwork, women’s circles and connection to the Sacred Feminine. 

Natalia's classes cultivate ease, flexibility and steadiness within the body, while developing self-awareness and connection to the innate wisdom of the body. Her classes include an intuitive blend of alignment, strength, deep stretch, mindfulness and coordination of breath with movement. Each class consists of intention setting, breathing practices, movement and guided relaxation to leave participants feeling expanded, rejuvenated and tension-free. 

Natalia is a certified teacher of Hatha, Vinyasa & Restorative Yoga as well as Well Woman Yoga Therapy (Womb Yoga). She also holds certifications in Mindfulness Meditation, Clarity Breathwork, Reiki and Emotional Freedom Technique. She currently divides her time between facilitating women’s gatherings, teaching and facilitating yoga & mindfulness programs in schools across the GTA.